My real estate and aerial photography services

My real estate and aerial photography services

Featuring beautiful photos is not only essential to attracting buyers but importantly, to increase your revenue. Revenue is directly related to the quality of images your company displays online. Visual content improvements can help boost your online conversion rate, resulting in an increased order count and therefore higher revenue.

What is the most important thing about my real estate and aerial photography services?

I’d like to hear your expectations and ideas to be sure I have all the necessary information about your shooting. I need to listen to your ideas to assure you that I am able to do it and send you the right proposal.

Creating photography ideas will present themselves based on the information you give. When your shooting day comes, I will have a better understanding of your project.


How far should you book your date in advance?

Minimum 3-4work days in advance when you’re sure that you want me to be your architectural photographer.


What to expect?

I work exclusively with natural light, mostly because that dance between light and shadow always seems to add richness, depth, and authenticity to the image. My aim is to take as many natural images as possible with real colors without exaggerating colors too much which makes images fake. 


When is the best time to organize your shoot?

Choose the time of day when the front of your house is shown good natural light. It’s important you determine the best time of day prior to the photo shoot and let me know before shooting day. For more information read here.

Note, that I’m not responsible for your choice and the final result of your images!


During shooting

Note that I’m not partaking in any of the following duties while photographing your home:

Open the shutters, clean your house, move or re-arrange furniture, make your beds, clean, dust or de-clutter, pick up toys or garden items, remove personal bathroom supplies (shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, towels), etc!

Thoroughly tidy all exterior and interior spaces of your house one day before our shoot! A neat and organized place always attracts more potential clients and this is why I always recommend kindly tucking away personal items and putting away things from the countertops in order to give a cleaner image.


How many photos do I usually deliver?

I take a minimum of 15 images per shoot. I deliver your images through Wetransfer in full resolution optimal for printing and/or web-sized for sharing on social media.


How long do I need to select and edit the photos?

I carefully pick a selection of the most beautiful photos which will be edited to the best into professional photo editing softwares.

Post-production usually takes 3-4 work days without counting the shooting day.



Copyright statement

Like most photographers, I’d like to use all architectural and aerial photos in my portfolio and maybe for advertising. I value the work I make and don’t want it stolen or accidentally misused this is the reason that nobody has the right to use, edit, share, etc. my photographs if he/ she does not have my writing permission. My client(s) and I own the copyright for the images and all should be considered private, and confidential and not be shared with any third party without the prior written permission of my client and me.

Here you can find more information.


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