Tips to make your rental house feel like home

Tips to make your rental house feel like home

It is important to know some tricks with which to improve the images. Therefore, I present to you a series of tips to decorate your house with very good taste. I recommend that you analyze the current situation of each room, apply colors according to your personality and choose the appropriate decorative elements so that the set looks more beautiful and elegant.

Choose decorative style for your living room
An added value in the rooms is the combination of materials and shapes. It is important that nothing is left isolated or alone. The essential factor is to get a house in harmony.

Living room ideas, design inspiration

An added value in the rooms is the combination of materials and shapes. The essential factor is to get a house in harmony. A good living room design that aligns with your lifestyle will not only serve as a stylish and efficient space, but it can act as a haven that reduces stress, reenergizes your mind and body, and improves social connections. All it takes is a bit of planning and a hefty dose of inspiration!

interiorWhen we think about how to decorate the living room, the first thing we have to take into
Blankets for the sofa and cushions are essential for our living room, which is why we have to give them the importance they deserve.
If you have a living room with a neutral base, the cushions are the star element that will stand out on your sofa and give it personality.
The best additional objects for having a fashionable home are vases, candles, flowers, and wall decorations: paintings, letters, etc.

What cushions to put on the bedroom bed?

They’re the best way to elevate a house into a home.
The combination of different sizes of cushions can also give a lot of play when decorating a bed, but you should always follow a rule so that the decoration with cushions is harmonized:
The smallest cushions should go in front and the largest ones in the back.

Cushion materials

Materials also are important for creating stylish combinations. There are some materials that say a lot.
For example, you can decorate your bedrooms with some pillows made from natural fabrics. But you can also give it a youthful touch with a synthetic fur cover, or an elegant style with a velvet cover in a dark color.
The materials allow you to change the decoration in each season, using fabrics such as linen in summer, or wool in winter.

Cozy up your bedroom with pretty Plaid bedding

The blanket or “Plaid”, is the best friend of cushions.
This cute little blanket is called “Plaid” because gives an extra touch of personality and color to the look of the bed. We can choose different textiles such as linen, wool, or patchwork.

Plaid bedding works well with a variety of prints, from circles on the area rug to florals in the form of pillows. 

If you don’t want to spend money on a new quilt or comforter, use a plaid coverlet or blanket to add pattern and cozy warmth to your bedroom. A throw quickly and easily refreshes the room without a lot of work or money.



How to design your kitchen where you love to cook

The main key to decorating a kitchen is functionality and aesthetics well combined. It needs to both work hard and look good.

Order and cleanliness are half the battle won in a well-decorated kitchen. Therefore, always have cleaning products at hand, but with style. A small glass jar, basket, or simple tin box makes cleaning products disappear with style.
Kitchen textiles are also ideal for decoration. Especially decorative cushions, tablecloths, curtains, and kitchen towels.




Bathrooms are no longer the forgotten corner of a house

Refreshing your bathroom doesn’t necessarily require you to fork out a lot of money. Simple decorating tips and tricks can revitalize your bathroom while remaining wallet-friendly.

Create a gallery wall to bring personality and character into the space.

Adding houseplants and other greenery is a simple and cheap way to freshen up a small space. Whether you add multiple succulents to your windowsill, a large snake plant on the floor, or a vase of flowers on your vanity, plants add texture and color to this hardworking room.

Add soft furnishings like rugs, towels, and if needed, a shower curtain in a neutral color scheme. White is most common for a spa, but other neutrals like gray, beige, and even light blues and greens work too.

A cotton, chenille, or indoor/outdoor rug will help absorb water wear well in the bathroom, and can be cleaned easily.

Finally, remember that decorating should be fun. By starting out with a plan, and following the same steps used by the pros, you’ll make the experience significantly less stressful that going at it in a haphazard fashion. And, hopefully, you’ll end up with the ultimate prize: the home of your dreams. 

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