The best time to photograph a property?

The best time to photograph a property?

Photography is all about light, it is a recording of light. To be more precise, photography is all about the quality of the light. It is the quality of light that can turn a photograph from ‘decent’ to ‘special’. That said, doing some research in advance and making the effort to be in a location at the right time will dramatically increase your chances of capturing something a bit more special.

When to shoot? when is the best time to photograph a property?

The reason properties with different aspects should be photographed at different times is that you want the sun to be behind you when you’re looking at the home. That way the photos will be bright and saturated with color something you cannot achieve when photographing in shadows.

• ­Consider interior lighting

The best lighting for indoor photos is when the sun is bright and shining. For interior shots, consider the placement of the windows in every room, and evaluate the position of the sun. Then, take a few test shots to determine if the light is perfect. You should be able to see the colors and details in the room, but the shots shouldn’t be so bright that colors and windows are blown out. You should never rely on artificial lighting in a room unless the house is dark itself and every lightbulb in the room is the same.

When it comes to determining the best time to photograph the interior of a property, the biggest consideration is whether it’s a dark house. Some properties are very dark internally. For dark properties, schedule your shoot maybe in the morning, or in the afternoon. This could ensure that the artificial lighting inside the property will be balanced with the light outside. 

• ­Consider exterior lighting

Houses that are dark internally, or dark externally they don’t look nearly so good when the shoot is at dusk. These homes are better shot during the day at the time that’s appropriate for their individual aspect.

IDENTIFY a property’s aspect, and its orientation in relation to the four compass points, which will help you identify the best time for photographing the exterior, as different orientations dictate different ideal shooting times. Here are 4 tips for ensuring you choose the best possible shooting time for each individual property you’re about to list:

  • For east-facing properties, the morning is the best time to shoot.
  • For west-facing properties, the afternoon is great.
  • If your property faces north, any time between 10h and 14h is ideal.
  • And if it faces south, you’ll want your photos taken in the morning or in the day.
  • After all, if the house with a pool is an east-facing property, with the pool on the west side, you’ll want to book a shoot for the afternoon, rather than the morning. That way, you’ll minimize shadows and maximize the bright, fresh, appealing feel of photos taken at an appropriate time of day.


A general rule of thumb

If you’re still not sure when to book a property for a shoot, then book it in the morning. Morning light is a lot “cleaner” than afternoon light, as morning light is more of a blue and white light, while afternoon light has an orange glow to it. The orange glow can help create a great moody look, but unless that’s the look you’re going for, morning is your safest bet.

Avoid cloudy, rainy, and overcast days, as they can cause bad lighting and an uneven white balance. If you want to get even more technical about it, the best time to shoot depends on the way each room and the house faces. You want the sun to be behind the camera so that colors are illuminated. For example, when taking photos of an exterior, you can assume that you should shoot an East-facing house in the morning, a West-facing house in the afternoon, a North- facing house from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and a South-facing house early in the morning or just before the sun sets.

Weather is a royal pain. It varies the light level and it can dramatically affect the visual appeal of your shots. The clouds result in dramatic, pale, unattractive, and dark pictures. Grey skies will lower the vibrancy and impact of photos.

On a grey day, the image is guaranteed to look sad and dreary. A grey sky doesn’t add much to the scene.


Full sun, bright light

The sun is shining, and birds are singing, what could be more than a perfect day for a spot of property photography?

The sun is a beautiful light source and can make any property attractive. The bright sun creates beautiful light, saturated and vivid colors, and your property can attract more clients.

Build your client base and impress your customers with professional property photos.

What colors work best in real estate photos?

Yellow is a bright, warm, and welcoming color that can ignite a sense of feeling at home. Try yellow throw pillows on the couch, a bowl of lemons, or a bouquet of yellow flowers.

Good photography is all about seeing and controlling light.

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