Why creating a wedding photography timeline, it is important?

Why creating a wedding photography timeline, it is important?


A timeline can be a simple way to lay out the wedding day in a structured way. It helps guests know where they need to be, why, and when.

Weddings are dynamic events and can be pretty chaotic. There are a lot of moving parts, many people and personalities. That’s why a wedding photography timeline is so valuable. One of the more tangible results comes from a good timeline that is useful for everyone. It provides structure and it helps set expectations.

As a wedding photographer, I always make a plan based on the information you give me! Every wedding starts in a different way, at a different time, at a different place with different people, moods, etc. It is important to know where I have to be, why, and when.

What do I do before the wedding?

I usually go 15 min earlier to capture some details of the interior and exterior, of decoration, flowers, views… everything that is interesting, an important part of the big day, and will highlight it through my photos. I would photograph the rings, how guests, groom, and brides arrive at the church, their ceremony and congratulations, how they arrive in the restaurant, their speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance, etc.

A good wedding timeline for photography should provide details about the particular events happening throughout the day, and what is expected from people to make for good photography.

It’s important to stay very detail-oriented. Creating a photography plan will present you based on the information you give me now.

I look forward to hearing details about your wedding day!

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