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Intellectual and industrial property rights

All industrial and intellectual property rights of the photos, the logo, all texts on this website, etc.) belong to RALI ROUSSEVA.


The ownership of a photograph and Copyright

The ownership of all images belongs to RALI ROUSSEVA who has over her work the moral right to be recognized as such, to preserve the work as she created it (right to integrity), and the patrimonial right to appropriate the economic benefits that she produces.
Copyright and intellectual property refer to the rights of exploitation and/or use, in short, rights that fall on the owner of a photograph, which does not mean that it is the author since it can have sold those rights to a third party.
Authorship is never lost, it is inalienable. As the original owner of her photos, RALI ROUSSEVA can freely dispose of them.


Photos made to order

Use of the images, or modify them for commercial or advertising use due to her intellectual property rights, nor may they copy, use, sell, print, reproduce, share on social media, or distribute the photos without RALI’s written permission.

It is necessary to keep in mind that images of RALI ROUSSEVA cannot be digitally manipulated, since it may probably constitute an infringement of copyright
unless prior written permission of the rights holder has been obtained.

The owner of a photographic work, in the event of a violation of his copyright, may resort to civil and criminal justice. In the event of a breach of a contract, RALI ROUSSEVA will have the right to demand compliance with the same or to be financially compensated for the damages that may have been caused. You can also claim damages in the case of using a photo without her authorization. You may also request the adoption of precautionary measures, such as: prevent or suspend publication, sequester infringing material, etc.

In the case of photos made to order, RALI ROUSSEVA retains the moral rights over them. RALI ROUSSEVA retains the right to be recognized as the author of the photograph and for it to be used as it was created, without modifications that affect it, according to its criteria and in accordance with the purposes for which it was requested.

Without the prior and reliable written authorization of RALI ROUSSEVA or, where appropriate, of the entity that owns the rights, it is not permitted to modify, use, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, publish on the Internet, republish the original image, send to third parties without the written permission of RALI ROUSSEVA, use for advertising, printing, displaying in an exhibition, web pages, magazines, catalogs, etc., as well as any use that exceeds the use necessary for the visit of the page and the use of the services offered.

Any use not previously authorized is considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.





Derechos de Rali Rousseva

Todas las imágenes mostradas en el sitio web o cualquier redes sociales están sujetas a derechos de autor, de Rali Rousseva. No se pueden publicar, reproducir, distribuir, comunicar publicamente, transformar y utilizar ninguna de las fotos de ninguna otra manera sin el permiso por escrito del autor.

Sin la previa autorización escrita de forma fehaciente de RALI ROUSSEVA o, en su caso, de la entidad titular de los derechos, no está permitido modificar, transmitir, manipular, publicar, (re)enviar a terceros sin permiso por escrito de RALI ROUSSEVA, usar para publicidad, imprimir, exponer en una exhibición, páginas webs, revistas, catálogos, etc., así como cualquier uso que exceda de la utilización necesaria para la visita de la página y el uso de los servicios ofrecidos.

No podra disponer de las fotos sin autorizacion expresa de Rali Rousseva.

El autor de la imagen reserva el derecho de buscar todos los recursos legales en caso de infracción de derechos de autor. El lugar de jurisdicción es Espana.

Cualquier uso no autorizado previamente se considera un incumplimiento grave de los derechos de propiedad intelectual o industrial del autor.

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